For resellers both large and small, the ordering process can be a time consuming and drawn-out process.

Time spent on the phone, back and forth emails, and waiting on order confirmations can all add unnecessary delays to the placement of simple orders.

So, wouldn’t it be great to have your own webstore that’s as easy to use as Amazon, while also having the ability to be white-labelled with your company’s branding, free of charge?

That’s where our multi-tiered webstore (Hub) comes in.

Originally designed to provide our channel partners with an efficient way to purchase from us, Hub provides up to date pricing and stock information, online ordering, tracking and a range of reporting functions via a resilient cloud platform.

But we wanted to add even more value to our webstore offering. For those partners who don’t have their own online purchasing portal, our technical team can work with you to build and brand a store off the back of our Hub infrastructure.

Developing your own easy-to-use e-commerce store through Hub can help you make the buying process for your customers much simpler without the significant cost of building a site from scratch on your own.

And with the B2B e-commerce market size expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 20% year on year between 2021 and 2028*, can you afford to miss out?

Hub Online Webstore
Hub can be white-labelled to fit your company’s brand.

5 benefits of hosting your own webstore

1. Scalability

Owning your own webstore is a great way to see which products are selling well in real-time and ensure further investments are made in the right areas for these in-demand solutions.

Furthermore, being able to see which products generate the most interest allows you to determine where your time and money is best placed in order to develop a larger range of products moving forward.

And with Nuvias UC’s financing options available at the checkout (DaaS and GoMonthly), your customers can pay for orders in monthly instalments, allowing them to free up cash, and you to secure a regular income.

2. Greater reach no matter the time or location

A webstore can serve as a 24 hour ‘shop front’ for customers to place orders at any time of the day, from wherever they are located.

Being able to take orders is no longer determined by whether there’s someone sat in the office at the other end of the phone, but simply by whether the customer has an internet connection.

This gives you a great opportunity to maximise sales. Further sales opportunities also become available such as cross-selling through product recommendations, or time-sensitive offers visible, right next to the product that the customer is looking at.

Your customers are already shopping online for the best deal. Your online store allows you greater reach and puts a concise catalogue of what you have to offer, front and centre.

3. Time saving

As previously mentioned, the ordering process can be quite a drawn-out process.

But, with access to a fully optimised webstore, customers can place orders and add additional services with just a few clicks.

Research by OroCommerce** has found that around 86% of buyers prefer using a self-service tool for reordering rather than talking to a sales representative.

Many of these services can be provided by Nuvias UC too on behalf of the reseller so you can have more time to spend focusing on other areas of the business.

Remember – every B2B buyer is also a B2C consumer in their personal life. Whether at work, or shopping from the sofa, many buyers now expect an easy online purchasing option. It’s no longer an additional ‘nice to have’, it’s an expectation.

4. Check stock in real-time

Stock levels will show next to whichever product the customer is currently viewing.

These stock numbers are linked directly to Nuvias UC’s warehouse giving users real-time updates*** on how much of a particular product is available to order at that time.

Customers are no longer left wondering if they can get hold of a device they’re in urgent need of.

5. Measuring and reporting made easy

And finally, an online store gives you the capability to track and measure your customers’ purchasing behaviours.

What are they buying? What are they looking at? Which products are frequently purchased together?

Measuring and reporting on customer activities can be conducted on a regular basis so you can understand your customers even better.

This ability to create reports on-demand can help you determine gaps in your portfolio and fill them accordingly so that you’re no longer missing out on quick wins.

Nuvias UC’s Hub has been specifically designed so that any partner can benefit, no matter their size.

Creating a smoother customer buying journey for your customers is paramount to obtaining and retaining new and existing customers.

And with as much as 80% of B2B buying decisions being based on a buyer’s direct or indirect customer experience**, it’s integral that journey is made as simple and efficient as possible.

You don’t need to have any prior experience in building an online webstore, or even have a dedicated marketing team; let our team of experts guide you towards an easier order taking future.

Final note – we’ve just released a public facing version of our own webstore. You no longer need to log in to view it. Take a look at what your store could look like.

***Stock updates occur every 15 minutes.




Darren Togwell

Marketing Specialist - Nuvias UC.