The workplace is transforming

Cloud Video & Collaboration vendors include:

The benefits of being able to see facial expressions, reactions and body language is well documented and video technology gives businesses just that, without having to travel to face to face meetings – saving both time & expense.

At Nuvias UC, we believe that video and collaboration is no longer a ‘nice to have’ for businesses, but a necessity. These immersive new technologies are inspiring individuals and teams to work smarter, and in doing so are helping to build, attract, and connect the modern workplace.

This is why we partnered with industry-leading video and collaboration vendors that to help our channel partners access new revenue streams and to help users experience best-in class meeting experiences.

Previously to have an enterprise grade video service for a company, you had to purchase and deploy expensive hardware-based systems. It would require somebody to manage this and if you grew as a business and needed more ports to connect people or locations, you had to purchase additional licenses, systems, rack space or connectivity. All of which costs time, resource, and money.

Nowadays with cloud based hosted video services you don’t have this issue anymore. If you want to have a video service for your company you can place an order on-line, sign a contract and it can be set up in minutes, with access details sent via an email into your inbox. If your company grows or you acquire another company and double in size, no problem, you just add more capacity to the solution you have purchased.

Cloud based video & collaboration provides organisations with affordable and easy-to-use solutions, to meet the demands of small teams through to large interactive meeting events. Cloud video & collaboration is nowadays simple, secure, scalable and affordable for organisations of any size.