Connecting with clarity

There’s nothing worse than inconsistency in audio clarity when on an important call. Conference phones allow us to connect people across small, mid-size and large rooms, so it’s vital that you can depend on them to provide undeniable quality and accuracy.

That’s why, here at Nuvias UC, we offer a wide range of high-quality and reliable conference phones suitable for a variety of meeting room shapes and sizes.

Our partners and vendors are some of the world leaders in conference phone hardware, simplifying communication and providing highly integrated audio solutions to the ever-evolving modern working environment.

Whether you require flexibility and portability to accommodate your fast-paced working day, or something a little more robust to withstand larger meetings, we’re sure you’ll find a conference phone to fit any number of requirements.

Conference Phone vendors include:

Looking to upgrade from audio conferencing to video conferencing?

Chances are that if you or your customer already has audio conferencing technology, then you are moving towards adopting video conferencing and it’s enhanced collaboration benefits.

Our Nuvias UC Video Specialists can help support you in the journey towards video