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Designed in-house by the Nuvias UC team, Dovetail – our Device Provisioning and Management tool, which is accessed though the HUB portal, was built to support our partners and their customers with the delivery of Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) by addressing problems in 3 key areas:

1. Pre-Deployment

From conducting customer research, we found that 40% of installation problems are issues which could be identified and fixed with minimal effort during the sales process. Dovetail helps in two ways, firstly providing a network assessment focused on real-time communications to give an overview of the quality of the network; secondly, more in-depth virtual server-based system which can perform detailed network assessments.

2. During Deployment

Poly, Yealink and AudioCodes handsets purchased with Dovetail will be pre-configured to  automatically work with the cloud software for when it reaches the end-user. Dovetail will provide quick and easy ways of configuring thousands of devices, from complex configuration, through to managing firmware upgrades.

3. In life

Dovetail offers a third branch of capabilities: monitoring, reporting and providing information on the device status, including the ability to store log files from handsets. Finally, devices configured through Dovetail will be able to collect metrics on the voice and video streams which they send and receive*, providing users with a dashboard to view the quality of communication across their network.

Dovetail is available as a cloud service with flexible deployment models to suit a range of environments. Featuring a brandable interface and multi-tier capabilities, the tightly integrated system is a great USP for resellers to offer to their customers.

Dovetail supporting vendors:

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*Please note, Dovetail is available for Microsoft SfB or Teams, but the quality monitoring is not.