Today we’re taking a closer look at the new EPOS Connect app.

Released December of last year – at the end of a glittering year of awards – EPOS Connect enables your customers to take even greater control of their EPOS devices.

EPOS’ solutions have long enabled users to control the audio through the physical devices themselves, but the Connect app is further adding an additional element of customisation and noise adjustments.

And with the ever-increasing need for hybrid working solutions, this can all be done on-the-go through your customers’ phones. Whether working from home at the kitchen table, or on the train on the way to a meeting, Connect promises ultimate audio flexibility in the palm of their hands.

And 29 minutes a week, per employee, being lost to poor sound quality on voice calls, and 20% having experienced dissatisfied clients due to poor audio quality, your customers being able to take control of their devices anywhere is paramount.*

So, let’s take a deep dive into the app to see how it works, and what options are on offer.

Connecting the Device

After downloading the app – available from the Apple Store, or Google Play store – it will immediately start looking for a compatible EPOS device as long as the phone’s is Bluetooth® enabled.

If the device is not already paired with the app, the app will do this automatically where the device will then appear on the home screen ready to for the user to tune to their liking.

There are three different tabs that run along the bottom of the screen…

The Home Screen Tab

The first tab. Here the user is presented with an image of their connected device, along with information on its battery status, noise cancellation status, and current acoustic mode (we’ll come back to these later).

They’ll also be able to navigate directly to the settings options by clicking the little cog symbol.

One other interesting feature shows how much of the battery is charged until it reaches full capacity so the user can avoid overcharging. Of course, the lights on the side of the device do a similar job but having a numerically visual representation is a very handy addition.

Adding Additional Devices

The next tab along allows the user to add additional devices.

Again, these are automatically connected once the user hits ‘Add new device’.

Most of the time this will connect seamlessly, but if any troubleshooting occurs while attempting to connect, just turn off the phone’s Bluetooth® and turn it back on again to reset the process.

Adjusting the Audio Settings

Active Noise Cancellation

Adjusting the level of noise cancellation in Connect is easy. Simply set the device’s ANC setting to ‘on’ using the button on the side of the headset.

This will set the ANC option to ‘Adaptive’ within the app. The user can then adjust the level of noise cancellation by clicking the arrow and toggling the levels using the slider function.  

EPOS Connect App

One further thing to note is that closing the app still retains your setting amendments, so the app does not have to be open all the time.

Toggling Between Acoustic Modes

Just below the ANC option on the home page is the acoustic noise settings option.

Here users can adjust the acoustics according to preference or to one which fits the environment they’re currently in.

The director mode also allows the user to change different aspects of the individual audio levels including: boost, spatial, reverb, or dynamic loudness.

EPOS Connect App Adjust

App Settings

The final tab offers the user the ability to customise and manage the app itself.

This includes options such as: language, privacy, and support & feedback, as well as being able to reset the app back to its default settings.

EPOS Connect is an intuitive and user-friendly app to aid your customers in getting the most out of their EPOS devices.

Navigation and customisation are easy to get to grips with, while packing the app full of features without overwhelming the user with too many options or jargon.

Next time you’re speaking to your customers about their EPOS solutions, don’t forget to mention the benefits of being able to manage their devices on-the-go with EPOS Connect.

For more information on the wider EPOS product range, including their brand-new Vision 3T Video Bar, take a look at our EPOS Solutions Guide, here>>.

*”Understanding Sound Experiences” Report by EPOS 2020

Darren Togwell

Marketing Specialist - Nuvias UC.