In order for you to meet your customers’ requirements, you need your distributor to provide you with a reliable service and to stock the appropriate products so that you can fulfil your customer orders.

In essence, they should know what your customers need almost before you do.

They should hold the required stock you need while having a delivery service that accommodates you and your customers’ needs.

If stock isn’t available, they should have the expertise to recommend and advise on alternatives, knowing the specific merits of each vendor product they offer.

But how much further should your distributor be going for you in order to help you win opportunities and grow your business?

With 90% of B2B leaders claiming that customer experience is key to their success*, leveraging additional support services from your distributor is more crucial than ever.

At Nuvias UC, we aim to enable you to add even more value to your offering by providing a huge range of complementary wrap around services that you can take advantage of.

How do Nuvias UC go above and beyond just standard distribution?

Experts in their field

The world of unified communications offers solutions for every eventuality and environment.

But this can be quite overwhelming for partners just starting out or without the specialist knowledge in each area or familiarity with a wide variety of vendors.

But partnering with Nuvias UC means you’re also partnering with our many technical, sales and engineering specialists who know our vendors and their solutions inside and out.

Our office itself is crammed full of the solutions we sell, so we have hands on experience each and every day with the devices that we can help you recommend to your customers.

Our expertise doesn’t just end once the sale has completed and the project is over.

We have invested in significant engineering resources, along with state-of-the-art lab environments. With these capabilities, our highly skilled support team can promptly isolate, reproduce and resolve issues to maintain the service experience expected.

This is on top of our Nuvias Respond, Nuvias Assure and Nuvias Assist 24/7 technical support services.

Employee training

IT distribution can produce all sorts of innovative solutions and products, ranging from the basic to the highly sophisticated and technical.

Your team needs to be equipped with sufficient knowledge to help talk customers through these solutions in order to establish confidence that this is right for them and push through the sale.

We can provide a variety of custom designed training courses on a wide range of technologies and for all knowledge levels.

It doesn’t just stop at your team. You’re also able to leverage our training services into your customer base, allowing your customers to better understand the products that they’ll be using.

Audio and video attach services

No matter how good the solution, the physical environment can make or break a successful project.

There’s a lot to consider when identifying the appropriate audio and/or video solution for your customers’ office.

You’ll need to consider not just the device itself, and whether it has the features to fulfil their requirements, but also the environment it’s being implemented into.

Location, acoustics, lighting and spacing all need to be considered to a great level of detail to make sure the customer can take advantage of everything the solution has to offer.

You also don’t want to be recommending a solution that in theory should be perfect, but that turns out to be practically unsuitable for the environment it’s going to be used in.

Afterall, not all meeting spaces are made equal; they’re not all the same size and shape, and each office will require a slightly different setup than the last.

Whether a large open place office, or a small, enclosed meeting room, we have a team of expert consultants and installation experts that can help recommend the perfect solution to fit into your customer’s environment and install it on your behalf, if required.

Automating your processes

A lot of back-end processes can be quite time-consuming and take time away from valuable contact time with customers.

Your customers need a simple and efficient way of purchasing the devices they need from you. Research by Astute Solutions shows that 74% of customers will make a purchase based on the buying experience alone**.

From ordering and processing to provisioning and license renewals, it can be difficult for SMBs to find the staff or time to dedicate appropriate time to these areas.

In order to allow partners to focus more of their time doing what they do best – finding the industry’s best solutions for their customers’ often complex requirements – we have a whole suite of automations services for you to utilise.

From obtaining a free, white-labelled online webstore off the back of our own called Hub, to managing your renewals and contracts on your behalf, as well as provisioning your customers’ devices so they can use them straight out the box, you can let us to the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to.

Flexible financing options

Now more than ever, both financial management and investment in new technology is imperative to compete and acclimatise to the new way of working.

And with 3 in 5 SMEs having experienced issues with cash flow, on top of U.K business owners losing £26k on average by turning down work due to cash flow issues***, businesses need a solution to help them spread the cost of their investments in order to take advantage or as many opportunities as possible.

That’s where our two financing solutions GoMonthly and Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) come in.

From orders of just £1,000 (GoMonthly), partners can utilise these financing services to help reduce initial outlay by spreading the cost while allowing capital to be invested in other areas.

For more information about our professional services, contact one of our Account Managers and have a chat about what we can offer alongside your own capabilities.



**Astute Solutions

***Intuit QuickBooks

Darren Togwell

Marketing Specialist - Nuvias UC.