Enhancing communication


Nuvias UC offers a complete range of professional headsets and audio solutions to meet the telephony and communications needs of a modern work environment. They offer optimal comfort with intuitive call handling and crystal clear, natural sound.

Whether you or your customer is looking for a headset to attach to a desk phone or soft phone, to join a conference or video call from the PC, to listen to music when concentrating, or all the above, we have a wide range of headsets from industry leading vendors to suit all business applications and preference.

Our headset vendors are constantly looking to solve the challenge of office distractions and noisy working environments, which is why many of the headsets we recommend have intelligent noise cancelling technology. This capability filters out noise and enhances speech clarity.

What’s more is that, the various wireless and wired headset products in our portfolio are plug-and-play, providing audio solutions that are easy to implement, deploy and operate. This provides ideal solutions to cater for office, virtual and mobile workers as well as environments such as contact centres.

Nuvias UC Headsets include:

Bluetooth Headsets

Wireless Headsets

Wired Headsets

Vendors include:

Maximise the value of your headset investment.

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