Nuvias UC Lifetime Warranty


Lifetime warranty is available on selected Poly, Yealink and Cisco products.

Q: Is it lifetime cover?

A: Cover will end upon an “end of life”, “end of sale”, or “end of support”, (whichever one comes first), announcement from the manufacturer for any individual or family of devices.

Q: For when a Manufacturer confirms either “end of life”, “end of sale”, or “end of support”, (whichever one comes first). Would we receive notice and if so, what is the notice period?

A: You would only be notified at the point of when you raise an RMA request and we would recommend you subscribe to updates from each Manufacturer

Q: Who is entitled to Nuvias Lifetime Warranty?

A: Any customer within the UK and BeNeLux regions that has purchase the device from directly from Nuvias UC

Q: Does this extend to devices purchased from an alternative supplier?

A: Only devices purchased from NUVIAS UC are covered under the service

Q: Does it cover the whole device?

A: Only the console and will not include the power supply unit, (if supplied), base stand or handset or curly cord.

Q: Does it cover misuse and/or accidental damage?

A: No

Q: How do I raise a request for replacement of a faulty unit?

A: Please refer to the RMA guide or email rma@nuvias-uc.com

Q: Am I entitled to advance replacement?

A: Only if you have been pre-approved (based on customer spend with Nuvias), or if the device is classified as DOA.

Q: What devices does this cover?

A: Please contact your Nuvias UC Account Manager for an up to date device list

Q: Who covers the cost for returning the device

A: Customers are expected to pay the costs for sending back the unit to Nuvias UC

Vendors with Lifetime Warranty: