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Do you require a single point of contact for all your UC service issues?
Would you rather be shown how to resolve an issue so that you build up your own technical expertise?

Nuvias Respond provides Tier 3 technical support services for all technology platforms offered in the portfolio, along with effective escalation where required into vendor partners for Tier 4 support and fault resolution.

The engineering team within Nuvias are highly skilled and certified across all vendor platforms and have significant experience in supporting production environments. The service is available to our partners on a 24x7x365 basis for all critical issues related to supported platforms, and available during business hours for all other issues.

The service operates on the principle that the goal with every case is to help the partner resolve the problem themselves. Nuvias understands that your engineers require the expertise to operate the service, so we ensure that any action we recommend to you is explained thoroughly so that your engineers learn how to resolve this problem should it ever occur again.

Only in critical cases and when approved, will Nuvias make changes or take diagnostic information directly from a production system, preferring instead to educate the partner how to do that themselves.

How does it work?

Nuvias Respond provides a replacement for standard vendor support but does so on a cross-vendor basis, so that not only do you benefit from the additional real-world service provider knowledge and experience of our engineers, but you also benefit from having a single support contact for all of your UC service needs.

Nuvias Respond provides our partners with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and this framework provides a method for fault classification, response and target fix times, plus a mutually agreeable escalation process.

More Information

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