Nuvias UC is committed to ensuring that all business undertakings are conducted as ethically as possible, in compliance with the following policy.

Who we are and what we do

Nuvias UC is a pan-EMEA distributor of unified communications and collaboration solutions and services. Nuvias UC is part of the Rigby Group of businesses and operates in the UC channel, connecting vendor technologies with resellers, ITSPs, AV integrators and system integrators, and fulfilling business requirements with value-added solutions and services. We operate throughout Europe, supplying our customers with physical, stocked goods from our warehousing locations in the UK and EU, and with complementary services, where applicable.

At Nuvias UC, it is our policy to conduct all our business activities in an honest and ethical manner which contributes to sustainable development. We aim to build trust by demonstrating integrity, transparency and fair treatment in everything that we do, including ensuring equity in our workplace and complying with current laws.

Throughout our regions we welcome diversity within our community and we have a code of conduct which underpins our commitment to operate in ethical, accountable and transparent manner.

We take into account the expectations of our stakeholders as we work together with shared values and understanding that facilitate co-operation and drive innovation. We gain credibility by honouring our commitments, role modelling honesty and integrity, and achieving company goals by means of our honourable conduct.

Looking after Nuvias UC employees

Nuvias UC recognises that our success and reputation depend on the wellbeing, effectiveness, conduct and skill base of our employees. We are committed to continuous improvement in all these areas.

To help employees fully understand the company’s position on ethical issues and to guide employees with their day-to-day decision making, Nuvias UC has a Code of Conduct in place across all countries of operation, supported by e-learning modules.

At Nuvias UC, we are committed to the equal treatment of all employees and to providing a safe working environment, free from bullying and harassment, where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

As an equal opportunities’ employer, our aim is to recognise and value diversity as a strength and to foster an inclusive workplace in which employees have the opportunity to contribute and develop according to their individual merits.

All our employees are paid competitively with reference to the relevant markets and we continuously support our employees with training & development and career progression advice.

Nuvias UC provides workplaces of a high standard for the benefit of our employees, customers, vendors and other visitors, with equally high standards of adherence to health and safety requirements. The company is taking an active stance on mental wellbeing, and providing employee support services and education. In many of the countries where the company operates, employees receive additional benefits to those required by local legislation.

Protecting the Environment

Nuvias UC operates in compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and strives to use pollution prevention and environmental best practices in all we do.

Community Engagement

Nuvias UC actively encourages its employees to contribute to charity, by providing match-funding for causes that carry particular resonance for them and we support local communities through sponsorship for sports-based activities for youth groups.

The Company provides apprenticeships both to new starters and existing employees. This has led to apprentices from local communities joining the business on a permanent basis.