Full Details:

Ideal for

Customers who use Hub today or those who don’t currently offer an API to their customers and want an easy way to do so


Access to Hub products only. Hub workflow and restrictions apply. Accessible to any organisation in Hub (multi-tier).


Yes. Custom FQDN and SSL certificate.




TLS encrypted tunnel with token based authentication


[link to Hub  API page on documentation site]


Available free of charge to all Hub customers



Availability (over past 12 months)



Hub is our multi-tier and brandable online system that offers a range of functionality to customers including an online store. The Hub API embodies the principles that Hub was developed with – providing a way not only for our customers to work with us easily online, but also to provide our customers with a platform that they can use to enjoy the same benefits with their customers.

The Hub API is an integral part of the platform and this first release sees the functionality of the webstore being exposed for use. The full functionality of the website is replicated in the API through a RESTful interface – quick and easy to use, the API guides customers and helps ensure that orders are valid before being accepted. All orders submitted are visible for management through Hub’s website, providing you with a way to manage all your Hub orders in one place.

Just like Hub itself, the API is multi-tier, meaning that you can give your customers access to the API to order equipment and service from you to be ultimately fulfilled by Nuvias UC. This gives you an easy way of bringing in a new revenue stream with little effort.

The Hub API can be branded using your own hostname and custom SSL certificate, alongside the Hub web interface, protecting your brand and relationship with your customers.

If you’ve got access to Hub, you’ve already got access to the API – just log in and click on account and your organisation – API keys are configured against your organisation and our API documentation is available at [link]. If you don’t have access to Hub already, just fill in the form below!