Simplifying cross-border video communication with self-hosted and as-a-service deployment options.

Pexip simplifies complex videoconferencing to empower organizations with face-to-face collaboration, no matter the location or technology. Their scalable platform enables high-quality video meetings, with enterprise-grade security, and is easily adapted to fit customers’ IT requirements and existing infrastructure.

Deploy your way

Pexip is fully scalable, able to adapt to the channel’s constantly changing requirements. The platform also has the option to be consumed and deployed in any way the end user or reseller sees fit either as-a-service, on premise or via the cloud instance of choice.

Bridging the tech gap

Pexip seeks to enable users to access their video meetings no matter the meeting platform. Whether it’s Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or a Cisco-equipped meeting room, users can be sure they’ll be able to communicate with their colleagues and customers effortlessly.

Compatible with Teams and Skype

Video Conferencing Solutions for Microsoft Teams Simplify collaboration across meeting room systems, and integrate your video conferencing infrastructure with Microsoft Teams.

Compatible with Google Meet

Video conferencing solutions for Google Meet Enable colleagues to seamlessly join Google Meet meetings, no matter the hardware, platform or workflow.

Pexip Products

• Video meeting and calling solutions

• Video conferencing and infrastructure

• Pexip for Microsoft

• Pexip for Google Hangouts Meet

Why Nuvias UC and Pexip

Nuvias UC understand the importance of clear and reliable video communication, particularly in the globalised world we now live in.

That’s why we’re pleased to have added Pexip to our video solutions portfolio to further bolster what Nuvias can offer to the channel.

We also offer a wealth of value-added services in order to implement Pexip’s platform into any work space or meeting room, as well as having a comprehensive range of vendors that specialise in quality audio that enhance the Pexip experience.

More Information

For more information about Pexip, please complete the Contact Us form by clicking the link below, and one of the team will be in touch:

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