Take advantage of our Renewals Team
to reduce your customer churn

Contract management can be a challenge for businesses. In some industries, as much as 90 percent of spending is within contracts*, but very little resource is dedicated to keeping contracts up to date. Often the contract is not the responsibility of the people using the equipment, and it can get overlooked.

That’s why Nuvias UC have created a dedicated renewals team that offer competitive quotes and renewals advice for maintenance contracts across our UC vendor portfolio. Our specialist team are experts in contract renewals, ensuring that a high level of quality is always maintained, and opportunities aren’t missed.

Updated maintenance contracts give end users the chance to have the latest software and hardware, ensuring the highest level of business activity can achieved. Also, as a Channel Partner, our team will give you 90 days’ notice so you can retain customer relationships, allowing the customer to budget ahead and keeping their stickiness.

The team based in our Newbury office are eager to help you get the best renewal option and price for you and your customer.

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*McKinsey & Company, May 2018: Contracting for Performance: Unlocking Additional Value.