Helping create the optimum deployment environment

Today, a challenge that many companies face is that they invest into the latest communications technology, but the physical environment that it’s going into is a second thought.

Have you ever been on a conference call and the person you’re meeting with sounds like they are in a goldfish bowl? Or have you ever been on a video conference and the light streaming through from the window causes the people sat in front to become nothing other than a silhouette?

We know that it’s not that easy to change the structure of a room or to change factors outside your control, but there are recommendations that we can be give to improve the experience and help create the optimum environment for the service to be delivered.

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How does it work?

Nuvias Site Survey offers a service for pre-deployment of premised based Video or Voice Equipment installations.

For video equipment installations the site survey includes an audit of all locations & rooms targeted to host video infrastructure to ensure readiness and suitability for a planned installation. A generated report provides details on the targeted room layout and current setup, along with dimensions, checking the suitability for the chosen location of video codec and all ancillary equipment. It also validates location of power and network connection points, specifying any cabling requirements, as well as the suitability of lighting and noise characteristics within the room for video services. It captures any problems or issues that need to be resolved to ensure success for a given installation.

For voice equipment installations, the site survey reviews all locations targeted for deployment of endpoint devices, checking aspects such as location of power and network connectivity, specifying any cabling requirements needed. It also validates any floor plans and numbering plans allocated, reporting any problems or issues that need to be resolved to ensure success for a given installation.

More Information

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