Providing high quality IP phones for efficient communication and audio solutions.

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Belgium, Finland, Denmark, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Italy

Snom is a leading global premium brand for innovative professional and enterprise VoIP phones, and is a pioneer in the VoIP industry, launching the world’s first IP phone in 2001.

Today, Snom’s product portfolio meets the full spectrum of business communications requirements of call centers, conference rooms and executive management through to safety-conscious industrial environments. Snom’s products are renowned for their innovation, design, user-friendliness and outstanding audio quality.

The current product portfolio is universally compatible with all leading PBX platforms and Snom products have won numerous awards around the world from independent experts. Snom’s IP solutions also make an excellent choice for vertical markets, such as healthcare and education, when searching for specialized solutions in business communications, IoT and smart technologies.

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