Premium Devices with Teams/Zoom/Device switching

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Poly Voyager Focus 2

With the Voyager Focus 2, multiple device connections are at the users’ fingertips. The headset is certified for use on key platforms and seamlessly connects to PC/Mac, smart phones and desk phones (with office base)

Poly Voyager 8200 UC

Are your customers juggling two devices? They can stay connected to both PC and mobile. A simple slide of the power button allows them to answer or mute calls.

Yealink BH76

The Yealink BH76 Bluetooth headphones helps users transform any space into a professional office. With retractable mic arm and multiple microphone acoustic shield, your customers will be ready to face any environment without distractions.

Yealink WH66 Workstation

Microsoft Teams certified Yealink workstations enable the user to manage and make calls and charge their device all while switching between mobile and softphone using a quality headset with built in acoustic shield.

EPOS Adapt 560

An on-ear, Bluetooth, UC optimised headset that connects to mobile and softphone simultaneously. Users can get clearer calls with the discreet boom arm and receive excellent speech intelligibility and ANC in noisy working situations to focus effectively.

EPOS Impact 5000

Single-sided, wireless DECT headset with triple connectivity and three wearing styles for professionals. Users can connect to PC/softphone, desk phone and mobile for maximum device flexibility. Experience exceptional sound with super wideband audio.


Use as a stand-alone device or attach to any PC/Mac and access the integrated camera, multi-touch screen, speaker and 8-microphone array. One touch to start meetings, share content and digital whiteboard.

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