EPOS offer a diverse range of audio solutions for all sorts of different working environments.

Hybrid working solutions are a key component in EPOS’ portfolio of headsets, headphones, and speakerphones, making them perfectly placed to give the Channel a solution to their customers’ requirements whether they’re in a busy call centre or working from a café.

With quality hybrid audio being so core to the EPOS message, they’re always one step ahead conducting in-depth research into ever-changing user needs.

In August EPOS partnered with IPSOS – one of the world’s leaders in market research – to take a look at how integral worker’s audio experiences are in a hybrid working world.

Their report Understanding Sound Experiences Report 2021 examines how expectations from both employers and decision makers are continually evolving as more of their employees move towards a hybrid working model.

Four factors were observed as being key to making this a success:

  • Business leaders must listen to employees on hybrid strategy
  • Successful hybrid working requires investment in the right areas
  • On-the-go working is set to return
  • Virtual meeting will change, not disappear

Navigating the rapid technological changes of the last 18+ months has become a primary focus for businesses.

One of their biggest challenges has been being able to continue to give their employees the tools to work effectively while maintaining a high level of professionalism through their audio devices.

It’s all well and good being able to work from anywhere, but when more than 1 in 5 workers report missing out on critical information due to poor audio, having a quality audio device becomes evermore critical to the employee’s arsenal of collaborative tools.

88% of decision makers say that bad audio has caused their company issues in the last 12 months

Understanding Sound Experiences, 2021 report

Video has become another prominent focal point for hybrid working. As face-to-face meetings all but ceased during lockdown, videoconferencing became one of the main features in many worker’s daily routines.

Whether just an informal catch-up with a colleague, or all-important client call, the quality of these meetings matters greatly so that each party has clarity and understanding on what’s being discussed.

And with 89% of all end users currently experiencing challenges when having these virtual meetings, solving these technological pain points can go a long way to persuading employees that virtual meetings can be just as good as the real thing.

Being able to read subtle facial cues is essential in gaining a rapport with a customer or colleague and can be vital in getting that last-minute deal across the line.

To continue to get the most out of our new hybrid reality (and norm for many), the technology we use, wherever we’re working, needs to offer a more natural experience; EPOS do just that, aiming to blur the lines between the virtual and the in-person.

For more information on EPOS’ portfolio of audio solutions, take a look at our solutions guide.

To read the full report by EPOS and IPSOS: How virtual collaboration tools are meeting the needs of modern business, click here.

Darren Togwell

Marketing Specialist - Nuvias UC.