Devices which enhance the meeting experience

Video, content and collaboration technologies are improving the speed of decision making as well as helping to attract new talent. According to a survey conducted by Redshift Research; 87% of young respondents would prefer to work for a more “video enabled” organisation over one that limits its investment in video conferencing.

At Nuvias UC, we offer a comprehensive range of Video & Collaboration endpoints which are optimised for modern workspaces—including huddle rooms and open workspaces, as well as traditional conference rooms.

Our video endpoints include immersive audio & high definition video, advanced camera and seamless content sharing, as well as integration with easy to use touch controls and personal devices.

Nuvias has hand-picked a portfolio of high definition video and real-time collaboration solutions that blend innovation and value. These innovative pieces of hardware are to be used as an attachment to our Cloud Video and Collaboration vendors or as an attachment to other video platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Skype for Business or Teams.

Video endpoint vendors include: